Water issues in Sub-Slab ductwork

There are many issues that can be a problem with your ducts, but one of the main concerns that can be extremely damaging is to find water in your sub-slab ductwork. We are going to go over some of the issues that can come because of this and what you can do in order to keep it from happening. Keep in mind this is a common issue in places like Delmar NY and Albany NY. Water is always a problem First of all, water is always going to be a problem regardless of the kind of sub-slab ductwork that you have in a property. Once water managed to get in there, you are going to have a mold problem eventually and this is extremely dangerous as it carries health hazards for those who are living in the pr

Water hammer causes pipes to bang

Everyone has probably heard a banging noise coming from the walls of their home at some point. Some people don’t know what this is, but it’s actually the pipes that make that noise. This happens because the flow of water might be cut off abruptly and this creates a small but strong shockwave that is going to case shaking and this makes the pipes bang into the walls or the nearest structure. When this phenomenon takes place, it has come to be known as a water hammer. A lot of people in Albany NY have this problem. The shaking and vibration of a pipe can be severe enough to get that pipe to malfunction quite fast. This is a very serious problem if left unattended, so it’s important to take car

Transite and sub-slab ducts comparison

There is a misconception of the word transite and people think this means that ductwork for HVAC has been installed under the floors that are made of concrete in a basement, but that is not the case and this is not what it means. There are some things to consider such as the fact that the word is not transit and many have confused it with the word transite. This is some thing I see often in Albany NY. Sub-slab ducts are usually not transite The fact that many of these ducts are made with PVC is enough to avoid the word transite when referring to them. Only those ducts that are made with cement and asbestos combinations are to be called transite ducts. This is a very common mistake that shoul

The issues with water hammer problems

I remember my brother in our Albany NY home telling me that he was afraid there was a monster on the walls because it kept banging against the wall at night every day a few minutes after I would say good night and close his door. The reason why this happened every night after I took my kid to bed was because I would usually brush my teeth a few minutes after this and the sound was coming from the pipes. There is a vibration caused by pressure that happens when you close pipes too fast. This vibration creates a shock wave that makes the pipes shake so hard at times that they will bang against the wall or against other pipes. The problem with this vibration and shaking is that it can ruin the

The flapper and the running toilet

There is a good chance you have heard your toiler refilling randomly without any interaction at some point. This is not a good thing because it means it’s wasting water and that is often due to a flapper leak.This is something that happens quite often because people will use chlorine tablets on their toilets and this is going to create the problem very fast. The replacement if the flapper is often quite simple and it can be done by anyone at home with very little instruction. There could be some cases when the gut on the toilet has a strange design and this could be a little tricky. This is something that homes in Albany NY, in Troy NY, and in Schenectady NY all have in common. How to replac

The best methods for attic insulation

The question on the best way to insulate an attic is one that I get asked very often. The truth is that there are several ways to do this, but we are going to give you some of the most effective that are used by people in Albany NY and also in Troy NY. There are pros and cons to each one, but we will go over that briefly too. The popular method The need for foam insulation is not that huge when you are working with traditional attics. A good home inspector will often find that foamed house lids are going to be enough for proper insulation. You will be installing cell spray foam and it will seal everything properly. Once the foam is ready, the use of cellulose insulation is quite useful. Ther

Kitchen water that is cold and hard

The term hard water is one that is not often understood by those outside the plumbing business. Hard water is simply water that has a very high mineral content. This means that it will clog up faucets much faster than soft water. Some homes in Albany NY have a separate water line for that cold hard water, but this is not necessarily something that is required. The use of a water softener is definitely a very good option that is used in many homes. When a kitchen has no water softener in an area with hard water, this can turn into a problem quite fast, but some water softeners are installed in a way that had the water line bypassing the water softwater. The answer to why this is done is that

Is Radon testing necessary if you have a mitigation system?

Radon is no joke at all and it can cause serious health issues to people as we are talking about a radioactive element. This is one of the reasons why so many homes in areas like Saratoga NY, Albany NY and Delmar NY are checked and inspected for radon every year. A good radon mitigation system is going to help you keep thing under control, but there are some situations that do require radon testing. One common mistake is for people to think that radon is only going to be a problem for people who have homes with basements. It has been proven that homes without basements. The possibilities are much lower without a basement, but they are far from nonexistent, so keep this in mind. When proper r

Is one pipe enough to install a highly efficient furnace?

The truth is that this an acceptable way to install a highly efficient furnace. There are some issues that come with said installation, so first, let’s go over the differences in said installations and the kind of results that we can expect to get with them. You are bound to find many places in Albany NY that have two pipe configurations and this is the most common type. There is a reason why two pipes are most often found in high-efficiency furnaces. One of the pipes is meant to be for combustion air and the other is going to be exhausting the gases outside. Both pipes are usually going to be directed outside in most properties in Colonie NY as well. There is the direct-vent type is the one

Homeowners And Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioning is one of those things that requires maintenance at last every six months. This is more of an issue depending on the location, but most homes in Albany NY, Delmar NY, Saratoga NY and nearby areas are going to be fine with a maintenance schedule every semester. The basics of air conditioner maintenance The most important thing that people need to keep clean is their air filter. This is one of the most useful and essential parts of any air conditioning system that need to be given proper maintenance. There will be accumulation of dirt and dust in the filter quite fast and by the time a few months have passed, you will be able to see a significant amount of restriction to the a

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