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The Mold Assessment

Anyone who has or is about to purchase a home with water damage is all too familiar with the problems that mold can bring. Before the long-term fixes can be implemented that caused the damage, the mold must be remediated first. This process can be dangerous due to the potential negative health effects of exposure to bacteria, mold, different impurities as well as damaged structures. Even though "toxic mold" is a myth, a few molds are toxigenic, meaning that they can create and contain toxicity. The response to mold in different individuals varies, some may have no adverse health response to airborne mold spores, while others may encounter extreme illness from low-level exposure.

This is why it is so critical to hire a well-trained, experienced expert from Albany Mold for mold remediation. This is not a DIY project, it requires industry protocols and particular gear to properly remove. Using our process, we incorporate the use of eye protection, a fitting respirator, protective clothing, and strategies that limit the release and spread of mold spores. Albany Mold focuses on a mold remediation plan (the report compiled from the mold assessment) which is a detailed listing of all actions that should be taken to rid your home of mold. This plan should be provided to the mold professionals that are hired to execute the plan, as they cannot conduct mold remediation without it. As per the Department of Labor New York law, the mold remediation plan is one of the requirements and must be followed precisely.


For this purpose, it is important to look for certified and experienced mold assessment companies such as Albany Mold. The Albany Mold professionals strictly follow all the procedures of nationally recognized industry protocols and utilize specialized equipment. We are here to take care of the mold assessment and help you get rid of a mold problem because our clients are like family, and your health and safety matter most. 

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Would you be able to clean mold by yourself?

The area of the mold plays a significant part in its removal process. For instance, you should utilize various devices relying on the location of the mold. Although you can clean mold without the help of a professional, it is a dangerous undertaking and not something Albany Mold suggests. At the point when you clean mold, it discharges mold particles into the air, which you could potentially be inhaling, unaware. To prevent this potential hazard, it is better to call a mold remediation company.

How do you perform a mold assessment?

In New York State, an authorized mold evaluation contractor team member, such as Albany Mold, must direct all mold assessments. This law became effective on January 1, 2016, that only the mold evaluators will eliminate the mold. Mold Assessors make the remediation plan. So, regardless of if expert tradesmen, contractors, or inspectors have involvement in performing mold evaluations, it would be unlawful for them to execute a mold assessment.

When should I get a mold assessment?

There is a chance that you haven't had a mold inspection and that is why it is necessary to have one performed. On the outside chance that there is mold, you and your family are potentially inhaling dangerous particles unknowingly, every day. Many may think their homes are free from mold, but our years of professionalism tell us that this is not the case. If you live in a more established house, there is a high probability that there is mold developing someplace, either concealed in the crawlspace or even in the sheathing of your home. Even current houses aren't exempt from mold contamination. Several manufacturers make an honest effort to ensure mold doesn't develop in their structures, yet it is unthinkable for houses to remain mold-free without taking intensive measures. The Albany Mold team can find mold inside your home, even if it is not visible.

What is a mold assessment?

A mold assessment is a complete mold evaluation led by an authorized mold expert such as Albany Mold. When the degree of mold contamination is determined, a mold remediation plan is formulated. This plan includes methods and techniques required for the complete evacuation of the mold, the measures that will be taken to prevent future growth, the expected time for completion, and the estimated costs for the process.


What happens after the mold assessment?

First, the experts of Albany Mold collect the sample which is then sent to a lab for testing to distinguish what type of mold is present. If the mold assessor deems it necessary, our mold inspectors collect surface samples. The surface samples won't catch mold spores, however, it is helpful in distinguishing the kind of mold that is present. This examination is performed by employing the tape or swab test or assembling a mass bit of the surface that is sent to the lab for testing. Once all of the tests are performed, it is recommended to send our mold assessment to a licensed mold remediation company to clean the mold. Once the mold has been treated, Albany Mold will return to the home to perform a mold clearance inspection. If the mold has been treated properly, we will issue a mold clearance letter stating the mold issue has been resolved.

Mold Assessments are performed through our sister company Albany Mold, LLC.

To schedule a Mold Assessment, Mold Sampling, or Indoor Air Test call our Team: 1-518-344-4920!

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