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Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Testing

Assess levels of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic exposure

Our EMF Testing Services

We perform many tests to determine the amount of EMF emitted by a particular product. Our EMF Testing Expert is a member of an international EMF testing institution and we closely monitor changing regulations in various jurisdictions to ensure our customers' products comply with the latest legislation.

We can test a wide range of electrical equipments, including consumer products, industrial products, laboratory products, and scientific and medical products, in our laboratories or at our customers' workplaces. We can run tests quickly to ensure accuracy and provide you with improvement suggestions.

Electromagnetic Testing Process

To measure exposure to electromagnetic fields, our Electromagnetic field testing experts assess physical quantities such as electric and magnetic field strength, magnetic flux density, electric current density and network connectivity level. If the measured capacity exceeds the specified level, detailed analysis is required to meet basic limits for the physical quantity, including specific absorption rate (SAR), internal electric field, and current density.

We have the expertise and equipment to measure:

  • Magnetic field testing

  • Electric field assessment

  • Electromagnetic field testing

  • Induced current density due to the electric field (EMF for lighting equipment)

  • Specific absorption rate (SAR) testing

To schedule a Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Testing call our team: 1-518-344-4920.

Ensure Safety And Compliance With EMF Testing

When electrical devices and equipment are used, they become sources of electromagnetic fields (EMF). Consumers are exposed to electromagnetic fields and there are concerns about their effects.

Electromagnetic field testing measures the amount of electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields that products transmit to users, including static, low-frequency, and radio-frequency radiation. There are various boundaries between dictatorial restrictions and public disclosure. An EMF test is recommended to check the levels of exposure and compare them with the specified level.

EMF compliance is compulsory in many markets, including the United States, Europe, Canada, China, South Korea, New Zealand, and Australia. EMF testing can help you meet dictatorial necessities, advance product protection and cut down the possibility of expensive non-compliance. To evade costly recalls, manufacturers must ensure Electromagnetic field emissions are within particular restrictions.

EMF's external quality assessment also helps you support your competitive position in the market by signifying your dedication to consumer protection.

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