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The Sewer Scope Inspection 

Everyone knows that home inspection is an important part of the home-buying process. However, there is also an important process that is not included in the home inspection list which is sewer scope inspection. Here are a few tips for why you should keep a sewer scope inspection top of the list during your home purchase process.

Sewer Inspection Process

During a home inspection, the technician will run water to fix the issue but most of the time water does not fix the real issue. A partially damaged or blocked sewer line is an issue that doesn’t show up overnight, so a home inspector cannot see it with the naked eye. The home inspector will then recommend a thorough sewer scope inspection to fix the underlying issue.


Sewer scope inspection is a simple process, the plumber attaches a camera to the sewer line and maneuvers it inside. He will see all the issues on the monitor and will explain all the things to you. This process is so helpful as it not only tells you where the sewer line is clogged, but it will also reveals the overall condition of the sewer line.

Though it is very clear now why a sewer scope inspection report is very important and how it can help you out before it gets too late.

Sewer Scope Inspections are performed by our Sewer Scope Technician Adolfo Sciocchetti.

To schedule a Sewer Scope Inspection call our team: 1-518-344-4920.

Why do you need a Sewer Scope Inspection?

A sewer line can create a big problem in any age home, as previously a lot of homes used iron pipes, and these pipes begin to deteriorate long before their lifetime. Clay tile pipes were common in 1970, and they have small gaps at each pipe, which are responsible for root intrusion. Ground shifting, settling, poor installation, and inferior materials are common issues that left unnoticed, can cause long-lasting and costly problems. This is why you should get a sewer scope inspection as soon as possible.

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