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The Maxwell Team Advantage

The Maxwell Home Inspection advantage is that in addition to my experience and credentials, we have built a fantastic team that is consistently committed to excellence and outstanding customer service.

When our team performs an inspection, it is completed in sequential sections which are divided into elements. Your inspector examines each individual element using three perspectives which include: Safety, Operation, and Condition. Our reports are incredibly detailed and thorough, including over 300 items from all the major systems and components of buildings including: electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, structural, and foundation. The Maxwell Home Inspection advantage is that as a prospective home buyer or seller, we provide you with a well-documented report, high-quality pictures, and our professional opinion of the property's condition. Let’s be honest, the home-buying process is stressful enough. Allow us to give you much-needed peace of mind and assurance that a competent and experienced team can provide.

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