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Water hammer causes pipes to bang

Everyone has probably heard a banging noise coming from the walls of their home at some point. Some people don’t know what this is, but it’s actually the pipes that make that noise. This happens because the flow of water might be cut off abruptly and this creates a small but strong shockwave that is going to case shaking and this makes the pipes bang into the walls or the nearest structure. When this phenomenon takes place, it has come to be known as a water hammer. A lot of people in Albany NY have this problem.

The shaking and vibration of a pipe can be severe enough to get that pipe to malfunction quite fast. This is a very serious problem if left unattended, so it’s important to take care of it as soon as possible in order to have peace of mind and avoid those annoying noises as well. A professional home inspector can show you the best way to fix this.

The best way to deal with this issue

If a shockwave and vibration cause the problem, the solution is to make sure the pipes don’t have any room to move and vibrate. This is the reason why the water arresters were created. These need to be placed along the pipes in order to keep them from moving. The number of arresters will depend on the side of the pipes, but one or two will suffice in most cases.

These shock absorbers are going to work most efficiently when they are close to the valve or faucet. The new water arrester versions are much more practical than the ones we can find in old houses, and they also do a better job for a longer period of time.

Final thoughts

Quality good water arresters and someone experienced to install them is all you need in order to keep your pipes quiet. Just make sure that you can get them properly installed for optimal results. Look for a good Albany NY home inspector for this purpose.


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