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Mold Removal Services

We offer a range of Mold Removal Services that you will be interested in. We ensure that your property (whether residential or commercial) is in its best state at any moment.


Mold Remediation and Removal

We have a team that’s well experienced in issues relating to mold remediation and removal as a mold remediation Contractor in Albany, N.Y. Also, we’ve acquired all the mold remediation certificates needed to prove our expertise in our Mold Removal Services.



We are also proud to announce to you that we can handle the repair of your ventilation system or create a new one from scratch if you want.

Our experts at Albany Mold can suggest the perfect ventilation system for your home or business area. We also pay attention to creating a design that would blend seamlessly with your home design.

Drywall removal/replacement

Albany Mold is also a experienced drywall installation contractor expert in Albany, N.Y., with the right experience to bring a redefinition to the look of your home. We’ve been handling home and office sheetrocking for years, so you can expect that we have what it takes.

Vapor/Moisture Barriers

Vapor and moisture from a leaking roof or broken drainage can leave your home susceptible to mold infestation. We have built our expertise around helping you tackle such issues.

We can create the perfect barriers to such vapors and moisture without causing any harm to the design of your building.


With over 20 years of roofing experience, Albany Mold can handle any roof from flat rubber to architectural shingles.

Why Choose Us?

Over time, we’ve become the favorite contractors to homeowners in Albany, N.Y. The level of quality that we put into our work, as well as some other factors stand us out.

We Are


We are a 24/7 reputable mold remediation company that’s continuously motivated to bring top-quality services to you. We do not disappoint in the level of quality that we bring.

Impeccable Customer


As a Company, we believe that excellent customer service equals improved experience for our customers. Hence, we put so much into developing a level of customer service that’s unique to us.

You’ll get all you want and more with us.

On-Time Service


We believe in keeping to time. So, when we agree on a particular time, you can rest assured that we will finish your job before you know it.

All Mold Remediation is done through our sister company Albany Mold and it is not done during the home inspection process it is only done outside of the home inspection process.

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