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Water issues in Sub-Slab ductwork

There are many issues that can be a problem with your ducts, but one of the main concerns that can be extremely damaging is to find water in your sub-slab ductwork. We are going to go over some of the issues that can come because of this and what you can do in order to keep it from happening. Keep in mind this is a common issue in places like Delmar NY and Albany NY.

Water is always a problem

First of all, water is always going to be a problem regardless of the kind of sub-slab ductwork that you have in a property. Once water managed to get in there, you are going to have a mold problem eventually and this is extremely dangerous as it carries health hazards for those who are living in the property.

Check before you buy

Anyone who plans to buy a home that has any kind of sub-slab ductwork should always make sure that a home inspector is able to check this. The inspection should suffice in order to avoid finding water or humidity, but if this is found, you might want to consider not buying that property. That kind of damage is usually not going to be fixed with a simple repair.

Some people will use sump pumps to solve the issue but this is definitely not a good way to solve the issue. It’s often much better to replace the whole overhead ductwork. This is not an easy task at all and it’s also expensive. You could also use encapsulation to take care of the problem. Lining the ductwork is often going to solve the issue.

Final thoughts

It’s important to always consider the process of inspecting a property before making a purchase. Those who have a property with this problem can consider these options based on their budget. A good Albany home inspector can help with this issue.


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