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  • Kevin E. Maxwell

The issues with water hammer problems

I remember my brother in our Albany NY home telling me that he was afraid there was a monster on the walls because it kept banging against the wall at night every day a few minutes after I would say good night and close his door. The reason why this happened every night after I took my kid to bed was because I would usually brush my teeth a few minutes after this and the sound was coming from the pipes.

There is a vibration caused by pressure that happens when you close pipes too fast. This vibration creates a shock wave that makes the pipes shake so hard at times that they will bang against the wall or against other pipes. The problem with this vibration and shaking is that it can ruin the pipes quite fast and this causes a lot of issues that could require expensive fixes.

This is known as the water hammer and the best way to get rid of the problem is to use water arrestors. These are lock-like pieces that are installed on the pipes and are usually placed near the valve or the faucet. This is the best way to avoid the shock wave from being started.

This is an issue that many homes in Schenectady NY and Colonie NY have, and it’s quite common for a home inspector to list this as an issue.

Final thoughts

The use of proper water arrestor is going to solve this problem and it’s also going to save you a lot of headaches with faulty pipes that are damaged by the rattling. Just remember to hire a good Albany NY home inspector to check if you have good arrestors installed. This is going to be a great way to keep the noise away and the pipes in one piece.


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