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Transite and sub-slab ducts comparison

There is a misconception of the word transite and people think this means that ductwork for HVAC has been installed under the floors that are made of concrete in a basement, but that is not the case and this is not what it means. There are some things to consider such as the fact that the word is not transit and many have confused it with the word transite. This is some thing I see often in Albany NY.

Sub-slab ducts are usually not transite

The fact that many of these ducts are made with PVC is enough to avoid the word transite when referring to them. Only those ducts that are made with cement and asbestos combinations are to be called transite ducts. This is a very common mistake that should not be made by people when they are looking at properties to purchase.

Cleaning transited ducts is not recommended

While it might not sound like a good idea, you have to avoid cleaning transite ducts because they can release microscopic asbestos when they are cleaned and this is hazardous. This is the reason why you need to remember the fact that buying a home with transite requires that you take some considerations.

Fibrous edges on the duct work will always be a clear indicator that you have an actual transite duct. Spiral and rough fibers are always an indicator of transite. Just make sure that the proper precautions are taken when dealing with this kind of materials. A lot of people in Delmar NY have this issue.

Final words

Remember to take the time to look for a good home inspector for your sub-slab duct and find out if you have transite. It’s not a deal breaker to find this in the property, but it does come with some drawbacks. Inexperienced duct cleaners will often end up cleaning these ducts and doing more harm than good.


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