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  • Kevin E. Maxwell

The flapper and the running toilet

There is a good chance you have heard your toiler refilling randomly without any interaction at some point. This is not a good thing because it means it’s wasting water and that is often due to a flapper leak.This is something that happens quite often because people will use chlorine tablets on their toilets and this is going to create the problem very fast.

The replacement if the flapper is often quite simple and it can be done by anyone at home with very little instruction. There could be some cases when the gut on the toilet has a strange design and this could be a little tricky. This is something that homes in Albany NY, in Troy NY, and in Schenectady NY all have in common.

How to replace the flapper

The firstthing you need to do is hold the flush lever down and allow all of the water in the tank to be drained out. Reach down to the flapper and just pull it out on both sides. This is plastic so it’s very easy to bend and remove.

The new flapper can just as easily be installed by hooking it to the clips and you are good to go. Make sure that you also look at how it was attached to the flush lever. Now check that the water refill issue is no longer happening.

It’s always a good idea to buy a pack of at least 3 flappers so you will always have a spare if needed. This is very important when you use chlorine tablets as this wears the flappers down faster. For some reason, people in Saratoga NY are usually buying a single instead of a 3 pack.

Final thoughts

This is something that might seem like a small issue but your toilet is wasting water when it does this. If the flapper is in bad condition, it could end up doing this more often than you think and that is going to waste a lot of water. A good Albany NY inspector could easily recognize this toilet issue.



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