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  • Kevin E. Maxwell

Why does my floor drain get backed up?

Some people find themselves completely puzzled when they see their floor drain is backed up. They have no idea why this is happening and they expect to find a logical reason to get rid of the problem. Floor drains that backup are a problem for people in Albany, NY, but they are also a problem for people all over the world.

This is usually not a floor drain problem

Yes, believe it or not, the issue with floor drains is usually not related to the floor drain itself, but instead, the issue comes directly from the drain line. This is the reason why so many people end up feeling a little lost when it comes to their drains.

When homes have no floor drain, the water can back up out of any fixture that is the lowest. This could be a bathtub, a sink or a standpipe, but the problem is always going to be a possibility.

Get a professional to clean your drain

The best way to get a drain properly cleaned is to have a professional do the job. This is going to make it much easier without a doubt. Some people use drain liquids that are meant to help with the issue, but these are going to be very temporary solutions more often than not.

Other issues that cause backups can be related to the city sewage system and that is completely unrelated to your situation. This is not often seen, but if a home inspection reveals this kind of issue, this is not to be seen as a responsibility of the homeowner.


The process of checking your floor drains and avoiding any issues is not one that should be too much of an issue, but it’s always a good idea to find a way to keep things under control as much as you can by getting a professional to check it.


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