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What are the tie-down requirements for a mobile home?

Since Mobile homes are lighter than site-built houses and also the majority are also raised above the ground on piers, they require unique SECURITY when hurricanes or typhoon winds are blowing. Albany NY likewise experiences periodic terrible summertime electrical storms that reach hurricane pressure for short durations. tornado winds can obtain under the house and raise it up, and also press versus the wall surfaces to press it off the foundation. Wind blowing over the roofing system additionally develops a wing-like lifting action.


All Mobile Homes are needed to be protected according to the maker's setup requirements. When it comes to a utilized mobile home, or where the maker's specs are not available, the residence has to be tie-down based on the ALBANY NY Department of Highway Safety And Security and Electric motor Vehicles specs. Each AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction), usually an area or city building department, is in charge of enforcing the guidelines by allowing an on-site tie-down inspection.

If you are buying an older mobile home, and also the bank or insurance provider demands a foundation inspection, it is since they intend to confirm that the residence fulfills the more recent installment standards. The inspection should be done by a certified mobile home installer or engineer, however not a house examiner; other than that some house inspectors are associated with an engineering company, and work as their representative to take referral pictures for the engineer's report. FHA and also VA financing accepts just an engineer's report.

The setup of a mobile home, consisting of the tie-down, is called for by ALBANY NY regulation to be done by an expert installer certified by the Department of Highway Security, with a last inspection by the local building department. Besides the countless code needs that should be followed to install a house appropriately, another reason for not permitting a homeowner installation is that establishing a mobile home on piers is a threatening job, also when done by experienced tie-down inspection experts.

The Author Kevin Maxwell is the owner and operator of Maxwell Home Inspection Services, LLC. Kevin Maxwell is a certified Home Inspector located in Albany NY that has performed over 6000 Inspections.

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