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Septic Tank Riser: Features, Functions & Benefits.


What is a Septic Tank Raiser and what function does it provide? Here is a guide. The older septic system followed a simple design where almost all the elements were hidden underground.

Setting up a septic system and keeping it undetected may appear to be a good idea until an emergency arises. What exactly are we dealing with? The container that is septic is under focus, places to be discussed include its benefits, common issues with septic container covers, and exactly how it pertains to a riser.

Septic Tank Riser Features

It is necessary to explain what risers tend to be. Septic tank risers simply make reference to vertical pipes that are generally built as an element of septic tanks or put in. A riser functions as an opening or access point from which septic professionals perform maintenance jobs. We’re talking about maintenance jobs like cleaning and pumping a tank that is septic.

These straight structures usually do not change the septic tank lead. They only permit easy use of a septic tank location. Plus, they make it possible for septic specialists to handle maintenance this is certainly basic


A septic tank riser is a pipeline made of either synthetic, fiberglass, or concrete. It generates a portal this is certainly straight the bottom area for easy use of the septic container for assessment and pumping out. The addition of the riser to your system may be planned to coincide along with your regular septic upkeep schedule.


The first and apparent benefit of having a septic tank riser installed could be the visual reminder associated with the septic tank location. The significance of great things about septic tank risers is more pronounced during the winter season once the floor is frozen. As opposed to finding out simple tips to break the ground up to get towards the top as is the way it is for older design tanks, the riser supplies a ready opening.

Septic tank maintenance tasks are done even faster, hence helping you save money.

The Author Kevin Maxwell is the owner and operator of Maxwell Home Inspection Services, LLC. Kevin Maxwell is a certified Home Inspector located in Albany NY that has performed over 6000 Inspections.

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