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Radon Mitigation System

Is Radon Testing necessary in homes with radon mitigation systems?


Testing for radon in a home is always a good idea, but when a home has a radon mitigation system this is not necessary. Some people seem to think that this kind of testing is not even necessary if people don’t have a basement, but this is not truly the case. The important thing is for a radon mitigation system to be implemented and this is going to make the process a lot easier.

The active radon mitigation system

This is definitely a very important and useful way for people to be able to achieve results. There is a very important radon checklist that will allow people to know the standards in which radon testing will be done when a home inspection takes place. There us a very simple way to find out of a radon fan is running properly. All you need to do is take a look at the pipe in the basement. When a system is active it will need to have this tube installed and offset levels of liquid are always a good thing.

This is the kind of inspection that is often expected in the area as it is in any location. A home inspector is often going to look for this kind of issue because it’s a safety issue. The concern for cancer to be caused by the exposure to radon is quite high, so any homes that are inspected and fail to have proper radon mitigation are probably going to end up having issues.


Radon has become quite a normal part of any kind of home inspection. It’s ideal to be able to prepare for this and ensure the safety of those who inhabit the property. Keep in mind that the regulations in most areas state that radon should be monitored every two years at the very least.


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