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Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset: Five Threats To The Longevity Of Your Commercial Roof.

When it pertains to commercial realty properties, one of the most costly systems in your structure is typically your roof. Specifically in commercial buildings today, million-dollar roofing systems are not unusual. In our regular inspections of commercial roof coverings throughout the country, we see the exact same issues over and over. These 5 offenders are accountable for the majority of the damages.



Water and also plant issues are a one-two punch to your roofing system. On a tornado occasion, thousands of gallons of water are put through your roofing system, and also winds blow leaves and particles right into your drain pipes. Roofing is not created to hold more than an inch or more of water, so correct drainage is vital.


Initially, as an issue of safety, nobody needs to have access to a roof covering if they have not been educated and appropriately furnished to do so. Your roofing gain access ought to be secured and purely checked. Also, sympathetic tenants can do harm when they attempt to "deal with" something since they and their professionals are not certified to pass through as well as appropriately seal your roof.


HVAC, telecommunications, and various other contractors are not roof covering contractors, and they might not provide your roof covering the respect it should have. Your finest line of protection is limiting roof covering accessibility to vetted and certified professionals and checking their job quickly upon completion.

Rooftop Equipment:

When we get a leak call, our initial step is to ask the renter or owner where the water is going into the structure and trace that to its resource. Much of the time, the leakage is not from a shortage in the roofing, but from an a/c unit, ductwork, exhaust air vent, or various other rooftop tools.


Now, you might be observing a motif: routine inspections of a commercial roof are vital. Inspections catch the problems explained before they come to be major dangers, and they likewise secure roof covering service warranties. Your roofing service warranty consists of certain requirements for a commercial roof inspection, upkeep, and documents, without which the service warranty is void.

The Author Kevin Maxwell is the owner and operator of Maxwell Home Inspection Services, LLC. Kevin Maxwell is a certified Home Inspector in Albany, NY, who has performed over 6000 Inspections.

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