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Proper skylight shaft insulation

There are many homeowners who are experiencing a great deal of issues with their skylight shaft insulation due to improper installations that lead to leaks and many issues. The truth is that all skylights are eventually going to have leaks, but the thing is that only a certain type of skylight will leak due to a bad installation process. Many homes in Albany, NY have this issue, but this can be fixed easily as long as proper measures are taken.

Old skylights versus modern

The modern skylight has been build in a way that ensure better insulation. This is the reason why you are less likely to see this kind of issue when you are dealing with the right kind of materials and structure. Some older shafts don’t even have any insulation at all, and this means that home inspectors are going to find this to be a serious issue with the property.

The real issue with skylights is with their insulation process and this is the reason why many of them end up failing, but you can fix this by using proper insulation materials that allow for this area of the property to stay dry. Proper sheathing in the attic is going to be crucial for this purpose and the insulation is heavily increased after this is done.

The spray foam method

This is the newest way to insulate your skylight properly and many individuals have found that it provides the most practical results. This is easily applied and it’s a very affordable investment that will insulate your home properly without any kind of issues.


Always remember that the biggest problem with skylights is going to be insulation. This is why you have to look for someone with experience. This needs to be done right so it can insulate the area properly and ensure great results when any home inspection takes place.


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