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Pool Inspection Checklist

Pool Inspection Checklist

The time is here and you’ve found the perfect new home. It is stuffed with everything you wanted, including all the necessities with a beautiful in-ground swimming pool in the backyard. Unfortunately, when there is a preexisting pool in your house, a lot can go wrong. Just as it is necessary to get a home inspection before purchasing a property, it is equally important to get a pool inspection done. It is wise to make sure that the pool is structurally sound and all the systems are working appropriately.

Checklist: What the Pool Inspector is Looking For

It is important to know about the pool inspection checklist to understand the whole process. Following is a complete list of pool inspection checklist, what your inspector should be checking.

· Physical Condition of the Pool

· Safety Features

· Equipment Infrastructure

Physical Condition of the Pool

Some issues can be seen through the naked eye, but some structural deterioration is harder and subtle to detect. Check the pool finish to know that it is smooth, the interior appears uniform, streaks, and free of stains. If the pool is older then it may have some small cracks due to aging. Check the deck for any cracks and also make sure that it is correctly positioned.

Safety Features

Safety features of the pool involve things like perimeter fences around the pool, safety glass, pool alarms, and safety covers. The pool inspection should cover the required safety features as per the local laws.

Equipment Infrastructure

There is also equipment in the whole infrastructure of the pool that helps run other equipment. Those types of equipment can be electrical cables, plumbing, and breakers all that things that run the pool equipment. In the pool inspection makes sure there are no damaged wires or leaky lines. Do make sure that all the breakers are labeled correctly.

The Author Kevin Maxwell is the owner and operator of Maxwell Home Inspection Services, LLC. Kevin Maxwell is a certified Home Inspector located in Albany NY that has performed over 6000 Inspections.

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