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  • Kevin E. Maxwell

Old cap vents are no longer viable

If you look at many homes in Albany, NY, there are many homes that still have very old vent caps and these are not going to provide the right kind of safety as they can collapse and this would block the vent. This could cause gases that are highly dangerous to go back into the house and this could kill people in their sleep. This issue is definitely no joke, and most modern home inspections are not going to be able to pass this test if they don’t do something about this issue.

Finding a good replacement for your caps

The most important thing to consider is that you need to replace the part in order to get the best possible results. There are new vent caps that have a very tight build to prevent any kind of water or pest issues, but they are designed to perfectly release gas and avoid any issues.


The idea here is to make sure that your home is protected from the dangers of having an old cap, so you should definitely consider doing this as soon as possible if you have this problem at home. Be sure to get a professional to install it in order to avoid malfunction.


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