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Multi-family Dwelling Inspection Fee Matrix.

The estimation for valuing multi-family dwelling inspection is based on the cost per unit, or, to put it simply, a cost per front door. It can be a much more difficult procedure to bid because of the variables to think about for each subject building, such as the size of the units, the variety of rooms and restrooms, the kind of heating and cooling systems, etc. For example, some structures may have a large main heating device, while others might have individual systems for each and every apartment.


The majority of territories specify a commercial building as a structure including greater than 4 dwelling units. four or fewer is considered a residential building and also requires a property SOP.

The Multi-Family Dwelling Inspection fee matrix consists of:

1. Variety of units. This is the variety of units related to a specific cost. 2. Dollar amount per unit. This is the price for examining units within a specific array.

Keep in mind: To identify the dollar amount, the commercial inspector must comprehend their capacities and incorporate that with what's necessary to earn a profit and also take on various other evaluation firms. Comprehending the hourly cost of your inspection and also your prices utilizing the square foot per hr is a specific practical approach.

Example Fee Matrix

The following is an example of a variety of units and the connected price per unit. This fee matrix remains in descending order rather than ascending because many customers consider projects on a range rather than direct exposure. Assume economies of range. This table could be turned around if preferred.

  1. 5 to 8 units: $125 per unit

  2. 9 to 15 units: $110 per unit

  3. 16 to 24 units: $90 per unit

  4. 25+ units: $75 per unit

Some inspectors adjust their fees to represent a base price. The base price would take into consideration the roofing system, outside, common halls, and also other general features.

Furthermore, some circumstances may need the commercial inspector to see their fee matrix in a much more abstract way to adjust for sure variables. For instance, although a structure might have 15 units, you could describe the eight-unit rate to bid on work with specific HVAC systems in each unit. This would certainly account for the additional effort necessary to execute the multi-family dwelling inspection and create the report, contrasted to a building with a main a/c system. Simply, you can adjust your costs up or down a level on the fee matrix relying on the intricacy of the structure.

The Author Kevin Maxwell is the owner and operator of Maxwell Home Inspection Services, LLC. Kevin Maxwell is a certified Home Inspector in Albany, NY, who has performed over 6000 Inspections.

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