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Landscaping: Is it included in A Commercial Property Inspection?

Landscape evaluation is a must to do during a commercial property inspection. Landscaping describes the procedure of making a piece of extra land eye-catching by modifying the existing style, such as by including trees and bushes. It also consists of recurring premises or landscaping upkeep, such as yard care, tree-trimming, waste monitoring and clearing up particles, weed control, and so on. correctly examining the landscaping can inform clients of possible health and wellness threats and other potentially costly repair services to the property and its systems.


Focus and Expectations

The comp does not develop an assumption that any kind of inspection of the outside grounds will rise to the level given by a gardener, landscape designer, or arborist. Still, the commercial inspector needs to have the ability to recognize whether an aspect of the landscape design is dead and also look for clearing, or seeking of any interest. Furthermore, maintenance or the lack thereof can impact the building visually, along with damage systems, and create security hazards, such as trips from roots upheaving a sidewalk.

consider the following examples of reportable issues:

  1. Trees or bushes growing up versus or over a structure.

  2. Leaves and also other particles at the structure's side create water drainage problems.

  3. Trees that dropped excessive debris onto the roofing, need more constant upkeep (i.e., blocked up drains or plants expanding on the roof).

  4. Underground roots near energies and sewer pipes, triggering concern for possible root invasion.

  5. Below ground roots destructive pathways, triggering possible trip threats; and also.

  6. Other problems that can adversely affect the safety or performance of other building systems.


A commercial property inspection consists of an evaluation of the problem of the landscaping at a commercial building. The inspector needs to have the ability to recognize deferred upkeep and plant and component that could be dead or jeopardized. These details will help customers assess future costs, malfunctioning systems, and security concerns.

The Author Kevin Maxwell is the owner and operator of Maxwell Home Inspection Services, LLC. Kevin Maxwell is a certified Home Inspector in Albany, NY, who has performed over 6000 Inspections.

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