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Inspecting the Main Water Service at Commercial Buildings.

Commercial property inspections always require inspecting the water service at commercial buildings. This part of the inspection ought to start with finding the major water service/supply leading into the building. The major water service/supply could be situated anywhere at the residential or commercial property, and some structures may have a number of places, such as at several renter residential properties. The major water shut-off valve is likewise typically situated in the same area as the main water service/supply. At this moment, the inspector can also figure out whether the water is public or exclusive. There will be a meter present if the water system is public, and also the water supply will be a well if it is exclusive.


The water service, service valve, or water meter might be situated in an area based on cold conditions. As an example, some buildings might have the main water solution and also related plumbing parts in a room that lacks enough home heating, and commercial inspectors may discover portable space heaters rather. This is frequently considered a "public room" that is not defined as an occupant room. If this holds true, there ought to be completely installed preventive measures. These can consist of pipe covers, space heaters, or openings in warmed areas.

The takeaway for Commercial Property Inspectors

commercial property inspector needs to inspect the water service at commercial buildings. The area of the primary water service, water shut-off valve, and heartburn preventers are usually situated in the same area. Inspectors should examine as well as report on this system. Jobs that require inspecting greater than one unit or building may consist of different water services and associated plumbing parts for each and every individual device or building. Pipes systems ought to be identified based on the liquid in the piping services.

This is a crucial safety function, specifically for protecting owners from cross-contamination, which can occur throughout a building. It is the inspector's obligation to report any type of potential contamination problems between the water-distribution system and non-potable water or a private source. Pipes inspections are not practically exhaustive, as it's mainly visual evaluations.

The Author Kevin Maxwell is the owner and operator of Maxwell Home Inspection Services, LLC. Kevin Maxwell is a certified Home Inspector in Albany, NY, who has performed over 6000 Inspections.

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