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Inspecting Exterior Lighting at Commercial Buildings.

Exterior lighting has numerous functions that's why Inspecting Exterior Lighting at Commercial Buildings is very important. It can be an accent function in landscape design and paths, a security attribute around exit doors, and a safety attribute at the building exterior and parking lot. The International standards of practice for Inspecting Commercial properties(ComSOP) are not indicated to be utilized for validating code conformity, and recognizing appropriate lighting areas is outside the extent of the ComSOP. Nonetheless, an inspection should consist of an assessment of the problem of completely installed lighting system parts, and items such as burnt light bulbs, damaged components, and problems with associated electrical devices should be reported.


Landscape Lighting

A timer or a dusk-to-dawn noticing system can be utilized to control landscape lights for sidewalks, trees, bushes, yards, and other exterior functions. The timer controls may lie anywhere inside a structure, however they are usually concealed in an electrical box in a mechanical area or storage room. Commercial building inspectors must utilize the timers to check the exterior lights system at the start of their inspection.

Building Lighting

The area around outside doors needs to contend the very least one lighting fixture, such as a side light or a light over the door. Some buildings also include lighting along their border as components connected to the wall, or uplighting situated on the ground. These could be changed over lights, part of the outside lights regulated by a timer system, or on a dusk-to-dawn system. lighting for the structure's outside is suggested mostly for protection and safety yet additionally adds to its visual charm.

Parking Lighting

The lighting elements for parking areas are generally placed on steel posts with concrete bases or attached to nearby buildings and guided towards the parking lot. If the lights get on a concrete base, the base needs to be of an elevation that is more than a normal car bumper to secure the pole if affected by a car. If the base is lower than a car bumper, the inspector may advise in their examination record that it be repainted yellow for better presence.

The Author Kevin Maxwell is the owner and operator of Maxwell Home Inspection Services, LLC. Kevin Maxwell is a certified Home Inspector in Albany, NY, who has performed over 6000 Inspections.

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