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How To Inspect A Commercial Electrical Panel.

Analyzing Commercial Electrical Panel, or panelboard is simply one part of the electrical part of a commercial property inspector. inspectors must completely comprehend the International criteria of Practice for Inspecting Commercial properties.


As a guideline, the inspector needs to validate that a panel, especially a panel cover and real state, is not invigorated before entering contact with it. Among the most effective techniques for monitoring is using a non-contact or limited-contact voltage sensor. one more technique is by using the rear of your hand to discover any fixed electricity.

The inspector must also confirm that the panel does not lack access or correct clearances (marked as functioning area), which can interfere with risk-free operation, maintenance, and inspection.

Panel Exterior and Door Interior

After the inspector identifies that the Commercial Electrical Panel can be opened up securely, the problem of its inside can be examined. keep in mind that the panel cover has to open a minimum of 90 degrees. The inspector ought to seek missing breakers or fuses and open spaces that offer straight accessibility to the room behind the dead front. The inspector must note in their inspection record any type of openings because this is a security issue. It is a fairly basic solution, such as using a knockout or a room filler.

Panel Mounting

Panels must be properly installed and safely connected to the wall. Keep in mind that concrete and stone work can create condensation and also wetness problems, which can cause the panel to establish corrosion and rust. Steel supports or fireproof wood are amongst the most effective installing techniques.


The inside of the Commercial Electrical Panel should present some type of labeling. The inspector is not needed to identify whether the labeling, and identifiers, are precise; rather, note if labeling is absent, illegible, or insufficient.


Oftentimes, the inspector property-buying customer will update or transform the electric system currently existing at the time of the examination before taking over the area due to demands that are various from the existing owner. This will help the customer identify the very best method to move forward.

The Author Kevin Maxwell is the owner and operator of Maxwell Home Inspection Services, LLC. Kevin Maxwell is a certified Home Inspector in Albany, NY, who has performed over 6000 Inspections.

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