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How to check for moisture during a home inspection?

There is no question that the number one priority when doing a home inspection is to check for moisture. The truth is that nothing can be as damaging for a property as water. It’s funny to think that the most essential thing for our survival can be so devastating and harmful for our homes.

moisture checkup for home inspection

A property with water damage issues can severely lose value. This is the main reason why so many properties end up selling for way less than their expected worth in Albany, NY once an inspection reveals water damage. This is why some most homeowers will do everything in their power to keep their home from being damaged by moisture.

In this article, we are going to be talking about the best ways to check for moisture efficiently during an inspection and what you should expect when you hire someone to get this job done.

Moisture testing

Basements and exterior walls are very difficult places to check for moisture, but it’s always important do to some testing with a moisture meter. Then you have walls of all kinds that need to be checked for moisture as well. The process of intrusive moisture testing is going to be essential because it will reveal a lot of issues in many homes. Issues that might never have been found by doing regular moisture checkups.

Checking under carpets and looking into every area of a property is going to be crucial if you want the home inspection to be worth your time. A good home inspector is always going to take the time to avoid missing out on any areas that show moisture damage. It’s quite common for this to happen in Albany, NY.

Checking for mold is often going to be useless and this is not going to provide any sufficient data in regards to any kind of moisture damage on a property.


It’s important to remember that the efficiency of an inspector is going to make a world of a difference in the outcome. Some inspectors don’t get the job done with the level of thoroughness that ensures the most reliable results. This is why hiring a good home inspector is going to be extremely important if you really want to get an efficient outcome. A home with moisture issues is always going to end up needing repairs at some point.


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