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Foundation Problems.

Foundation Problems

The long list of potential home repairs is not only expensive but also frightening and the foundation is one of them. Most of the homeowner wonders how to identify different type of foundation problems. However, the thing, which homeowners don’t know about, is that if you wait for the signs to become visible the more severe the damage will become. The Albany, NY, home inspection specialists suggest not leaving the minor leaks and cracks unattended, as they can become serious structural issues in the future.

The structural integrity of your home depends on the strength of your foundation as it supports everything such as floors, walls, doorway, windows, and roof. Like most of the things in your life, the foundation of your house is also subject to environmental stress. Contracting and expanding soil, inadequate drainage, and excessive moisture are some of the deadliest threats to your home’s foundation.

Signs of the Foundation Problem

It is important to remember that all foundations will settle with time, but issues arise when the settlement is extreme or uneven. The Albany, NY, home inspection suggest few signs that will help you in identifying the problem in the foundation.

Exterior Signs

  • Cracked bricks.

  • Wall rotation.

  • Cracked or broken foundation.

  • Separation around windows, garage door, and walls.

  • Displaced moldings

Interior Signs

  • Uneven floor.

  • Misaligned windows and doors.

  • Cracks in floors.

Cracked walls, bulging floors, and doors that won't close are also the signs of foundation problems. It is estimated that sixty percent of the homes that are built on expensive soils suffer foundation issues. The suffering occurs when the foundation settles or heaves, causing cracks and other damages. This movement is caused by the moisture in the soils because low or high moisture can cause serious swelling or shrinkage.

Foundation repair is not a do-it-yourself project, so it will be wise to contact the Albany, NY, home inspection for a brief assessment and solution.

The Author Kevin Maxwell is the owner and operator of Maxwell Home Inspection Services, LLC. Kevin Maxwell is a certified Home Inspector located in Albany NY that has performed over 6000 Inspections. Book online Phone: 1-800-598-4754


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