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Electrical Safety in the Home.

Electrical Safety in the Home.

Electricity is something that we use throughout the day and as a result, we easily forget that there are very real hazards and risks associated with it. The Albany, NY home inspections recommend including the safety tips in household rule, which keep you safe when using extension cords, appliances, and light bulbs. It is important to understand that some safety measures can be effective solutions because your one mistake can spark an electrical fire. The Albany, NY home inspections provide some useful tips that will keep you and your family safe from any electrical hazard.

Cords and Wires Every single electrical appliance in your home has a cord, and many house owners use an extension cord to increase the range. For safe operation, these tips will help you to keep the cords in good condition.

  • Check all the cords in your home regularly for cracks, frays or kinks.

  • Firmly put the cord into the outlet and check if it is loose or not.

  • Do not use cords in terms of clotheslines, jump ropes or leashes.

Electrical Appliances Electrical appliances are an essential part of every home and the safety tips provided by the Albany, NY, home inspections could help you to run all the appliances safely.

  • Appliances like computer monitors and televisions should be given a proper space of clearance for cooling and good air circulation.

  • It is important to unplug the appliances, which are not in use.

  • Keep all the appliances away from children, pool, kitchen, sinks, and water.

Electrical Outlets The Albany, NY, home inspections suggest plugging every cord into a proper outlet because these safety measures will help to avoid any electrical damage.

  • Use childproof caps or solid covers to block unused outlets.

  • Avoid overloading the outlets with multiple power strips or adapters.

The Author Kevin Maxwell is the owner and operator of Maxwell Home Inspection Services, LLC. Kevin Maxwell is a certified Home Inspector located in Albany NY that has performed over 6000 Inspections Book online Phone: 1-800-598-4754


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