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Commercial Water Towers.

Commercial Water Towers are large, raised water storage space containers developed to hold a supply of water at a height enough to pressurize a water distribution system.


How They Work

The elevation of the Commercial Water Tower offers hydrostatic pressure for the water system. The quantity of the tank and also the size of the piping control water pressure and flow rate. As the water level in the container goes down, a ballcock allows extra water right into the storage tank, in a design comparable to a bathroom.

Making Of Water Tower

Water towers can be built from a variety of products, such as wood, concrete, and steel. The towers are typically round or cylindrical, yet custom forms are available to fit special demands. Commercial Water Towers are rather big and offer whole areas, although, in specific locations, such as New York City, smaller water towers are created for specific buildings. Elaborate coverings, as well as elegant brickwork, may be used to cover what might otherwise be an eye sore, or they might be simply repainted. The name of the city is painted in big letters on a few water towers, the purpose of painting the city name on the water tower is to give navigational aid to aviators.


Water towers are made used for the following purposes:

  • Using a water tower make sure that water will get easily to the top floors of a building.

  • They guarantee that water sprays from the faucet with adequate pressure.

  • It protects against the backflow of groundwater right into a system.

  • They decrease the chance that water will ice up during winter.

  • It supplies water to the building without electricity.

  • They cannot provide water to a structure forever without electrical power, nevertheless, due to the fact that a pump is required to re-fill the tower.

  • Water towers contain storage tanks to help offer water throughout top usage times, decreasing stress and anxiety on the municipal water supply.

  • They are a more affordable option than pumps, which require electricity and have to be maintained.


Commercial Water Towers are water storage containers that consume the force of gravity to supply water to buildings.

The Author Kevin Maxwell is the owner and operator of Maxwell Home Inspection Services, LLC. Kevin Maxwell is a certified Home Inspector in Albany, NY, who has performed over 6000 Inspections.

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