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Attic Insulation Options

There is no question that a good Attic Insulation material is going to make things much easier for anyone who is looking to insulate. There are a few types of insulation that you could consider, but the most important thing is to never forget the value of using proper insulation when you are trying to achieve results. We are going to go over some of the best options you have and then you can make an informed decision when insulating your home in Albany, NY.

The fiberglass batts

The truth is that most home inspectors will say that this is the worst kind of insulation you could ever have at home. The reason why it’s so attractive is due to how easy it is to install and how cheap it is to purchase. Some Home Inspections will not be passed if this is the kind of insulation used.

Loose fill fiberglass

This is a much better option for anyone who is looking to get proper insulation for their property. A good home inspector is going to recommend this if you are on a budget, but you are willing to spend a bit more to insulate properly.


This is another favorite for many people in Albany, NY because it provides great insulation and it allows you to increase the insulation value without a doubt. There are many homes in the area that use this method and it has become quite apparent that it works very well. This is both durable and reliable material.

Spray foam

Some people say that this is not a good method of insulation, but others claim that it provides the best type of insulation in terms of performance. It’s kind of hard to determine without seeing if the job is done properly. Applying this is not something that should be done by inexperienced people.


It’s pretty clear that these options are very important in helping people decide which insulation method they want to use. We have mentioned the most common and useful, but the way they are installed is going to play a major role in how useful they end up being. Just remember that a bad insulation job is going to mean trouble when any kind of home inspection takes place. This is why it’s important to ensure professional work when insulation is done. Keep this in mind and you will get the expected results.


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