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6 Chimney Maintenance Tips


Nobody can end you appreciating your fireplace in winters. It may never be safe to make use of your fireplace if you don’t have a few chimney maintenance tips. Preserving your chimney and hearth is essential to keeping your residence safe when using your hearth. These 6 chimney upkeep recommendations can help ensure that your hearth and chimney are well looked at and safe.

1. Have a Performance Fireplace Damper.

A fireplace damper will make a huge difference in your home’s energy efficiency. It reflects your energy bills. whenever you’re not using your fireplace, the dampers should be closed otherwise.

2. Make sure your Chimney is Waterproof.

Start with waterproofing your chimney. Incorporating a liquid sealant away from your chimney shall avoid dampness from breaking down the bricks and mortar and sneaking into your house. There’s an opening that is huge at the top of your chimney that allows smoke to escape.

3. Know when to own Your Chimney Swept.

Once in a year, You will have to do chimney maintenance to keep your property safe. There are many facts to consider. Once the chimney liner has 1/8″ of soot, it must be cleaned. Also, there is a simple metric u can use easily. your chimney should be clean after 50 Burns.

4. Gas Log Fireplaces are good for your Chimney than Wood Fiery Ones.

Replacing a timber fireplace burning up on a gasoline wood fireplace could be less dangerous for your house. Not merely is that safer for the effectiveness. however, it’s safe for you.

5. Ensure that your Mortar joints and Bricks Aren’t Crumbling.

Chimney tuckpointing is the work of restoring mortar. Then you’re looking for chimney tuckpointing. If you observe that your mortar is crumbling in addition to bricks tends to be just starting to come to be loose.

Be sure waterproofing is got by your sealant for the chimney bunch. This will help keep the mortar and bricks safeguarded from moisture.

6. Have your Chimney Inspected once each year.

Having a chimney examination once per year is crucial to ensure your chimney’s safety. These Chimney Maintenance tips will save you money and keep your home safe.

The Author Kevin Maxwell is the owner and operator of Maxwell Home Inspection Services, LLC. Kevin Maxwell is a certified Home Inspector located in Albany NY that has performed over 6000 Inspections.

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