• Kevin E. Maxwell

5 Myths and Facts about Home Inspections

A home in Albany New York should always to undergo a home inspection. More over, no matter where you live it is important to have a home inspection but in this article we would like to key in to why you specifically should get a home inspection if you are thinking of buying or selling in Albany NY (as well as the city’s/towns nearby). Before you sign a deal with the buyer or seller, it is always wise to get the home inspected to make sure that there are no hidden complications.

Its always important to sift though the myths and get full understanding of the fscts before you mane any choices. Maxwell Home Inspection Services is honest, and cuts through the half truths and gives you the information that you need to know!

When you are selling a home, inspections can help you find out if their are any faults and give you early situational awareness to the problems. Unless everything is in order and the home is declared fine by the inspector, it makes sense to gather this important information before selling the house so you can build trust as well as show transparency to the potential buyer. Similarly, when you are planning to buy a home, the inspector should ensure that the home is alright and has no flaws.

Listed are 5 myths and facts about home inspections which you will want to know about.

  1. Most common myth is a new house doesn’t need a home inspection

A home is a home. The fact that is a new home or old one does not really matter as far as home inspection is concerned. You cannot really blame yourself here though. Probably you have recently built a new home and feel that the need for a home inspection is not there. What could probably go wrong with the home?

You never know more about the new home unless you have built it yourself. There are many contractors and builders who tend to take the short way out and compromise with the building laws and regulations. They tend to make use of short cuts to save finances. It is during these cases that you will need the services of home inspectors who can immediately uncover major problems in the home which is newly built.

2. Another myth that all the house inspectors are the same

No matter which area you hire home inspectors from they are all not the same. There are several factors which you will need to understand about them before actually hiring them or making use of their services. A good home inspector will be qualified, educated, certified, and have the proper licenses to offer his/her home inspection services.