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Why Do You Need A Home Inspector When Buying/Selling A Home?

Buying a house and making it into a home is one of the largest pursued dreams in the world. Nobody wants to pay rent all their life or end up in a nursing home therefore they race to buy property either nearby where you have lived all your life or a destination where you want to spend your retirement years. One such option is the Capital of the New York State: Albany. A city of 100,000 people living with two waterfronts at their disposal. We at Maxwell Home Inspection Services, LLC will help you find the ideal house in your price range. We also offer services to the many other beautiful cities, towns, and villages in the Greater Capital Region of NY.

However, buying a house is a risky process and you may pay more for what you are getting out of the deal. It is therefore imperative that you get the house you want to buy by a Licensed Home Inspector. Now the basic question that will arise in your mind is: “why do you need a Home Inspector before you buy a particular house in Albany, NY, or in the many other places in New York?” The answer to this is pretty simple but yet complicated as your uncle Jim is not the right person to assess the house you are about to buy for a considerable amount of your life savings or new job bonus (if you are that lucky).

For the stated reasons above, house inspections by a professional are absolutely necessary. The right professional is a Licensed Home Inspector. The house may look ready for you to buy and move in but a Home Inspector will cover areas that the layman may not be able to see. These areas include:

  1. Electrical wiring and its condition

  2. Plumbing and roof attachments

  3. Structural flaws and damages

  4. Radon gas contamination

  5. Wood destroying insect tunnels and nests

If you are a Realtor and working with potential home buyers, you need a Home Inspector as much as the buyer himself. This will eventually keep you away from all the law suits by angry buyers who discover a major problem in the house once they buy it. Therefore, getting an independent assessment from one of our Licensed Home Inspectors at Maxwell Home Inspection Services, LLC which is the #1 Home Inspection Services in New York’s Capital District, is very important. Also, if you are Real Estate Agency and have many houses on your books to sell, it is highly advised that you get a periodic inspection from a Home Inspector to keep the house in order and save it from disintegration because it was locked for a long time. Hiring a Home inspector from Maxwell Home Inspection Services will cost you money apparently, but we can assure you that this is the best profit-wise decision you will ever take.

Therefore, if you are a buyer or a Relator, it is for sure that you are making a large investment while buying a home or fixing and flipping it. Therefore, it is necessary to save yourself the embarrassment of finding a hole in the house later. Hire a Licensed Home Inspector from Maxwell Home Inspection Services and get yourself the safety net we promise at the #1 Home Inspection Services in New York’s Capital District!

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