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Get A Pre-Listing Home Inspection!

A man’s home is his castle, as goes the famous saying. Every man working today is aiming to build a house one day, small, large or exclusive depends on what he can afford; but the dream is the same. One good place to buy a house is Albany, NY which is located 240 miles away from NY City. It has a population of a hundred thousand and has some of the most historic houses in the state of New York. People who own homes in the Capital Region get good value of money once they sell them. However, before selling your property through Realtor it is recommended to get your home inspected by a Licensed home inspector. If you don’t know where to hire one, feel free to contact Maxwell Home Inspection Services, LLC which is the #1 Home Inspection Services in New York’s Capital District.

If you are a seller or a Realtor, getting an inspection before the deal goes through is utterly important. There are many reasons why you should go for this option. Here is some of the reason why you should hire a home inspector from Maxwell Home Inspection Services, LLC before you close the deal:

  1. Trust of the buyer: To establish the trust of a buyer in the open market transparency is very important. A third party inspection will always have more credibility in front of a prospective buyer than your word only. Increase your chances to get more money once you sell the house.

  2. Save Money: once the fault is found after the deal goes through you may have to pay more or reduce the price of the house you are selling. Problems noted by the inspector will be highlighted to you in one go and you can hire services to fix them with discounted prices. Getting a single problem fixed later will cost you more money, time and stress.

  3. Assessed Market Value: Your Realtor can use the defects in your home to calculate the right amount of money you should demand from the buyer based on the recommendations by contractor estimates of how much the repairs will be. This way the seller or the Realtor can put the right price on the property not getting short of what he deserves.

  4. Prevent Repeat costs: the home inspector will help you save indirect cost on your house before you sell it. The indication of electrical and structural defects before you put your house on sale will help you rehabilitate the house before any broker or prospect client sees it. Reputation in the market is valuable and will help you attain that.

Your house is made from hard earned money and you would never want to get less for its actual worth. Don’t let that happen by hiring a Licensed Home Inspector from Maxwell Home Inspection Services, and get yourself the best home deal!

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