• Seth Williams

Six Months After Quitting My Job – Here Are My Honest Thoughts

When I decided to pull the plug on my job at the end of 2015, there were a lot of thoughts running through my mind.

On one hand, I was terrified.

The idea of FINALLY quitting my job was something I had thought about for years, but it wasn’t something I actually considered doing until about 12 months ago.

When I started looking at self-employment like a REAL, legitimate option for my future, a lot of conflicting thoughts came into the picture:

  • Am I truly capable of surviving without a full-time job?

  • What if all of my businesses fail and I suddenly stop making money? What then?

  • What about health insurance? Do I really want to pay for that myself?

  • What about all the other benefits my employer covers for me?

  • What if I have to go back and get a job some day? How would I ever cope with a crushed spirit?

  • Is it foolish to think life can be this great? I don’t know anybody who gets to live like this… what makes me so special?

In a lot of ways, I was scared to let myself think big.

I think subconsciously, I was trying to keep my dreams under control, almost in a self-sabotaging way.

At the same time, when I pulled the trigger and gave notice to my employer, my new life sounded so unbelievably amazing – I could already taste the euphoria of freedom. The idea of doing my own thingand being completely independent sounded amazing beyond words (even as I write this 6 months later, I still have to pinch myself – because it really is that awesome).

The Self-Employment Mindset

Soon after I was on my own, I started to think about time and money a lot differently.

With an additional 40 – 60 hours to devote to my business endeavors each week, it was CRAZY how much more I could accomplish.

About month after I set the sails, I was interviewed by my friend Sharon Vornholt on how it was going. You can see that full conversation here…

After so many years of carefully budgeting our household income and living within the confines of my paycheck, it was a big revelation to realize that ultimately – there is no technical “limit” to my income (other than the limits in my own head).