What Kind Of Gutter Drain Is Best For Your Yard?

August 15, 2019


A yard drain, which is also called as landscape or an area drain, is a very common feature in yards. These yard drains can also be used to drain water from a roof gutter and downspout system out into a yard. If your backyard is pooling water after heavy rainfall, it means yourgutter drainage system is not working properly. However, if the pooled water leaks into the foundation or basement, you could be facing mold, water damage, and costly repairs. The Albany, NY, home inspection recommend learning about different drainage systemwill help you in deciding the best gutter drainage system for your yard.



A downspout is something that you need to get the water off the roof. These downspouts are either square or round, and they range in width from three to six inches. A downspout is needed for every 30 to 40 feet of gutter and adding more of these will help you to increase the capacity of your gutter system.


Runoff Drains

The downspout is connected to a runoff drain, which carries water from the downspout to a passage away from your home.


Underground Drainage

If you don’t have a drainage sys