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  • Dan Osborn

So You Want to Be a NY Home Inspector – Part 3

Let’s now take a look at your assets. For the record none of these are essential, just nice to have.

1. Experience with home construction 2. Interpersonal skills (people person) 3. Appearance (slim, gray haired, well dressed, 50 or so in age is ideal). 4. Credentialed (Engineering or Architectural degree)

These assets speak for themselves but they are not essential. You could be a jerk, and #’s 1, 3, and 4 won’t save your career.

I have always felt that inspecting a home is a two-man job and business, that is how I started and is a big part of my success.

I first considered this business model when I was a rookie in 2003.

A veteran, Joe Farsetta of ‘Downstate’, NY, was telling me about Nick Gromyko the founder of INTERNACHI. As the story goes Nick started his first Home Inspection business as a 2 man company.

He hired an HVAC specialist and then taught him the ins and outs of the other systems of the home.

When the two of them would show up at a job, the system specialist would take the lead and go do the systems in the basement and Nick would proceed with the rest of the inspection; roof, exterior, interior etc.

They would be done with the inspection in an hour and a half, do a thorough job, educate their client, market themselves to the realtor and not break a sweat. I don’t know if this story is true. I never have asked Nick to confirm it, but I can attest to the fact that it works.

I first paired up with another newbie in 2003.

His name is Dave Reynolds, and he now has his business in Iowa. Dave knows about homes, he built his own log cabin. I knew nothing about homes. I was all sales and marketing.

We made a great pair, the realtors and clients loved the hour and a half inspections. I highly recommend that you find a partner; preferably someone that has an asset that you lack or that compliments your skills.

Finally: You need to take a look at yourself. Consider your assets and obstacles and then decide if this career is right for you.

It can make a great part time job that may then transition into a full time job after you build up a network. Remember it is a process and you should do some soul searching- -it’s not easy!

However, I promise: if you and I should decide that you taking my course is the right path for you, I will do everything I can to ensure your success; as your teacher, as your coach and as your consultant.


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